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Kouka Cottage at 113 Main Street is one of the earlier cottages built in the township circa 1860s, and with its verandah and brick chimney is typical of early colonial cottages of the era.


In 1997, the cottage was sold to the then Greytown Community Heritage Trust for $1, with the trust committing to undertaking its restoration and preservation. The cottage exterior was refurbished by the trust from a derelict state. It is listed as a heritage item in the District Plan and remains of historic, technical and townscape significance.


In 1994 the verandah was repaired and re-piling took place. This work included removing an addition at the front and reinstating the verandah the full width. Kouka Cottage has significance not only as an original and early example of a worker's cottage but because of motorcycle legend Tui Morgan's association with the building. Its location next to his garage (now the White Swan site) is also a reminder of work-life patterns of earlier times.


[Source: 2007 Conservation and Maintenance Plan for Kouka Cottage and Old Library Building (Accent Architects)].



In association with Greytown-based architect and trustee Gina Jones, the trust undertakes regular maintenance checks on the cottage.  In 2017, improvements were made to the toilet facilities at the back of the cottage and the cottage exterior was cleaned.


The cottage gardens are maintained by trustees and the current tenant Medina Organic Skin Care.

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